Decima Blake loves classic English murder mysteries and ghost stories. She combines the two in her full-length mystery, “Hingston’s Box.”

As the story opens, Detective Sergeant Hingston has been placed on temporary medical leave for his night terrors which he experienced in his investigation of the disappearance of twin fifteen-year-old boys. In his dream there is a boy running through a meadow, when all of a sudden he feels the “sickening ache of death” seeping into his bones. He also hears melodic chimes which calm him and his panic then subsides.

He decides to take his leave and goes to Dartmouth but a key has fallen out of the investigation file and Hingston decides to take it with him. There he finds himself stalked by an elderly woman. He discovers an age old mystery that is in many ways similar to his current case.

He investigates the age-old case and with supernatural help solves both the historic case as well as the current one.

Decima Blake has a long-standing interest in child protection and has worked with teenagers. A percent of royalties will be donated to the charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime.

To be fair, I have never been a lover of paranormal stories. I found it difficult to accept what was happening.

The descriptive writing was rich in detail and I loved the setting. I liked the main character, Hingston, and found him to be an interesting multi-layered protagonist that I was eager to learn more about.

For me, the strength of the book lay in the subject matter about child protection and I wish the book could have focused a little more on their story.

Please view the trailer for the book.

Three stars out of five.


In accordance with the FTC guidelines for reviewers, I would like to clarify that this book was provided to me by the publisher free of charge.  I am not compensated by the author or publisher for my review.  All they expect is an honest review of the work.