I’m a sucker for an animal story. Put animals and mystery together and I’m in heaven. “Double Dog Dare” by Linda O. Johnston is the sixth book in the eight book Pet Sitter Mystery series. The Pet Mystery series spun off another series –Pet Rescue, which I look forward to reading. In addition to mysteries, Linda also writes paranormal Romance and Romance Suspense stories.

 Kendra Ballantyne, the main character has a career as an attorney and runs a pet sitting service .As the series opens, her law license had been suspended and she starts a new career as a pet sitter. She discovers she loves pet sitting. Now, with her license to practice law back, she has decided to take a job where she practices law heavily involving animals. Additionally, she is keeping the pet sitting business, because she enjoys it.

As “Double Dog Dare” opens, Kendra and her PI boyfriend, Jeff have decided to move in together. The only problem is Jeff has disappeared. At first Kendra wonders whether it is cold feet, but the police soon discover his car in a canal and everyone starts to suspect something more sinister. Kendra takes it upon herself to figure out what Jeff was investigating when he disappeared. This leads her to Jeff’s aunt, Lois who had asked him to look into a dog cloning business where she had taken her beloved Akita mix, Flisa who died during the cloning process. Everything seems a little mysterious at the Dog Cloning center. Then one of the cloners is found murdered and Jeff’s eccentric Aunt Lois is suspected.

I enjoyed this book immensely; it is the perfect cozy mystery. I learned a little about cloning as well. I particularly like Kendra, the main character. She has had problems and overcome them; she took adversity and made her life better. If you are look for a fast paced, feel good read, this is a great choice.

Five Stars out of Five.