Love politics? Tired of checking poll results and the latest developments?  If so, perhaps this book is for you.

Enjoy 29 short stories about life under President Trump published by Darkhouse books.

The stories are light-hearted and satirical.  They are not heavy political diatribes but many do paint a dystopian view of the future.  They are in a variety of genres but are not erotic or ultra-violent.

Some of these authors you may recognize and others may be new to you.  Short story collections are always an outstanding way to sample a new author.

  1. Exceptional by Michael Guillebeau
  2. Ivanya Figures It Out by Kaye George
  3. A Feast for Fools by Joanne Lucas
  4. The Chat by Paul Alan Fahey
  5. Alex in Wonderland by KB Inglee
  6. The First White House Costume Ball and Other Trumpery by Diane A. Hadac
  7. Trump Towering by Craig Faustus Buck
  8. According to Luke by John M. Floyd
  9. Career Change by Ross Baxter
  10. Donalds to Donuts by Brian Asman
  11. Great Again by Zev Lawson Edwards
  12. The Hope-y, Change-y Thing by Caroline Taylor
  13. In the Service of the People by R J Meldrum
  14. Down Mexico Way by Ring Bunsen
  15. Arlene’s Visitors by Andrew Garvey
  16. Looking Good, America by Katherine Tomlinson
  17. A Phone Call to the White House by Pat Anne Sirs
  18. Lunch Special at the Trump National Golf Club by Rachel Cassidy
  19. Pulling Strings in DC by T L Snow
  20. Success Story by Robert S. Levinson
  21. The Wall by Warren Bull
  22. The Census Master by Manuel Alex Moya
  23. The Emperor’s New Wall by Tamar Auber
  24. Trumped by Ronald P. Wolff
  25. As American as… by Khomans Ens
  26. Buying Votes by Don Noel
  27. The Impersonator by Timothy O’Leary
  28. 76 Trombones by Anne-Marie Sutton
  29. The Divine & Infernal Top Secret Mission to Stop the False Apocalypse by Joshua James Jordan

You can purchase the book on Amazon for your Kindle for $2.99

Four stars out of five.


In accordance with FTC guidelines for reviewers, I would like to clarify that this book was provided to me by the author free of charge.  I am not compensated by the author or publisher for my review.  All they expect is an honest review of the work.