This is a series of short stories centered on Halloween by nine bestselling authors, LynDee Walker, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Connie Shelton, Maria Grazia Swan, Karen Cantell, Larissa Reinhart, Morgana Best, Ritter Ames and Carolyn Haines.

These are all great stories that you can read quickly. While they are all cozy mysteries, they cover from genre including laugh out loud funny mysteries, paranormal, culinary mysteries and romantic suspense.

But fair warning, you may be up all night reading all of them.

What is great about them is they are all based on characters in each author’s cozy mystery series. They provide enough background in the short stories so if you haven’t read the series, it doesn’t matter, you will be able to follow easily.  But if like me, you are always looking for a new series to start reading, this is the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of nine bestselling authors.

You can sample a short story, then start reading the entire series.  On Amazon the price for the Kindle is only $2.99 and if you are a Kindle Unlimited member it is included with your membership.

I recommend reading this book. Post and let me know which story was your favorite.

Five stars out of five.


In accordance with FTC guidelines for reviewers, I would like to clarify that this book was provided to me by the author free of charge.  I am not compensated by the author or publisher for my review.  All they expect is an honest review of the work.